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Steinbeis Mediation

Steinbeis Bertaungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation (Advisory Center for Business Mediation) is an independent company that was founded in 2004 as part of the Steinbeis Foundation.

We specialize in conflict management and mediation, internal and cross-company cooperation, as well as in the public sector and administration.

Whether companies, public organizations or specialized groups, customers develop an effective and healthy "togetherness" through us.

It is no wonder that we are one of the market leaders in mediation in Germany.

Steinbeis Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation

The Steinbeis brand has stood for successful knowledge and technology transfer for over 30 years.

Steinbeis builds stable bridges between knowledge and application because Steinbeis employees are at home in both worlds. We keep your benefit in focus for all projects.

Steinbeis works independently of government subsidies and consistently follows market rules with its services.

Technology transfer with Steinbeis: bridge between sound knowledge and successful application

Steinbeis has developed into a global network with around 1,000 transfer companies. 6,000 experts bring their know-how to our network and work in interdisciplinary teams on the development of individual problem solutions that offer customers real added value and help Steinbeis achieve success.

Steinbeis offers technology and management expertise from a single source and in a unique range. Steinbeis is available to partners from all areas as a problem solver and service provider in the areas of consulting, research and development as well as training and further education and serves customers of all sizes.

Steinbeis Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation

The Steinbeis Foundation

The building bricks of the Steinbeis Foundation were laid in the 19th century by the namesake and founder of the first Steinbeis Foundation, Ferdinand von Steinbeis - one of the fathers of the modern dual vocational training.

The Steinbeis Foundation took up this idea when the then Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Lothar Späth, Prof. Dr. Johann Löhn, appointed the first government commissioner for technology transfer in 1983. At the same time, Prof. Löhn took over the chairmanship of the Steinbeis Foundation.

Unsere Mediatoren, Moderatoren und Trainer

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Prof. Dr. Gernot Barth
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Ulrike Arndt
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Sosan Azad
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Dr. Reiner Ponschab
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Wolfram Dreier
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Vanessa Gebsattel
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Dr. Stefan Grüll
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Klaus Harnack
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Sascha Lippe
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Thomas Robrecht
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Cordula Söfftge
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Adrian Schweizer


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Jonathan Barth - Managing Director

Jonathan Barth studied International Management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and Management Science at the University of Leipzig, specialising in Service Management & Human Resources Management. He has been working for the company since 2010 and has been Managing Director since 2017.

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Verena Reinecke - Training Manager

Verena Reinecke studied Eastern Slavic Studies, Anglistics and History of Eastern Europe at the University of Leipzig and the University of Kazan`(Russia). She has been working as a project manager in the education sector for several years.

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Sophia Kiefl - Project Management

Sophia Kiefl studied Psychology at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg and successfully completed her Bachelor's thesis on "The role of trust in the acquisition of intercultural competence". Since August 2020, she has been working as a project management executive.


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Juhi Yati - Project Manager

Juhi Yati has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Leipzig and has been working for Steinbeis Mediation since September 2020. She has experience in the area of product lifecycle management and is currently managing our international EU-funded project InMEDIATE and our Online Learning Platform.

Alexander Fuchs - Training Manager

Alexander Fuchs studied education at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg for the teaching profession at vocational schools and completed his Master's degree in adult education/further education at the PH-Ludwigsburg in 2019. He takes care of the course administration of the procedural guardianship as well as in the specialist area of counselling and leadership skills.


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Ebdy Amer - Trainee

Ebdy Amer is completing an apprenticeship as an office management assistant at the Gutenbergschule in Leipzig. He has been responsible for accounting im the company since January 2019.

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Karoline Tønnessen - Project Management

Karoline Tønnessen is studying economics and political science at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. She has been working as a project management executive with us since July 2020.

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Giulia Schober - Project Management

Giulia Schober is studying economics for her Bachelor's degree at the University of Leipzig. She has been working at Steinbeis Mediation as a project management assistant since December 2020.