The support of the EU Commission

The support of the EU Commission

A Successful Partnership

Since the very beginning of the company, we have earned the trust of the EU Commission. We have so far worked on 5 EU-funded projects that have been partially or fully funded by the Commission. Be it a culturally complex conflict resolution at a high level in Europe, or the creation of uniform mediation standards across the continent, we have beeen pioneers in mediation projects with the support of the Commission and our valued partners.

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EU-supported projects

The EU project INMEDIATE (international mediators trained in Europe): Ongoing

With InMEDIATE , we want to create a European professional profile of the international mediator. This would promote the strengthening of mediation capacities in Europe and help to achieve a European standard in this area.  InMEDIATE promises mediators across the continent extensive learning and capacity building.

InMEDIATE is proud to be fully funded by the European Union's ERASMUS + program.

Funded by the

Erasmus + Programm

of the European Union

In cooperation with 6 participants over a period of 30 months, we create a curriculum for international civil mediators, offer it online on the InMEDIATE platform and create a toolkit so that the certification system can be replicated elsewhere. Get the Press Release here.

Steinbeis is partnering with the following organizations for this project.

This pioneering project, which was co-financed by the European Commission under the Civil Justice Program, looked at cross-border estate brokerage and examined the impact of the EU inheritance law. Based on the study results of the project, training courses and a European mediation conference will be offered. Learn more about FOMENTO in the video.

Our international project partners were Resolutia and Prodos (Italy) and Mediatorzy (Poland).

The EU project "Online mediation in cross-border disputes": 2010 - 2012

With this project, we supported the EU directive on the use of mediation as a cost-cutting and time-efficient method for resolving cross-border conflicts. The main result here, combined with the findings of our previous EU project Leonardo da Vinci (2009-2011), was the International Mediation Alliance. The IMA is an association of leading European providers of mediation and intercultural management consultancy, whose expertise lies in solving cross-border conflicts.

We have worked to improve the training and qualification of mediators who specialize in intercultural cases and to create additional training and further education opportunities. For this exciting project we have teamed up with culture.communication (Germany) and Resolutia - Gestione delle Controversie (Italy).

Leonardo Da Vinci - Lifelong Learning Program (2009-2011)

In order to make a culturally competent conflict resolution in Europe available at a high level, the participating organizations developed a training concept for the qualification of experts in intercultural mediation. The experience of mediators and consultants in intercultural communication as authors and trainers of training concepts contributed to the interactive character of the training, in which the trainees' own mediation experience could be confronted with the knowledge and experience of the trainers.

The partnership contributed to the creation of a European network of mediators and increased the number of culturally sensitive mediators able to deal with cross-border conflicts, thereby supporting the goal of EU Directive 2008/52 / EC that the use of mediation as a alternative form of dispute promotes settlement of cross-border disputes.