Where two or more cultures meet, conflict situations can almost inevitably arise due to the cultural differences. Especially if you are or want to be active internationally, you have to deal with the possible discrepancies and, at best, be well prepared for them. Otherwise, such disputes can quickly end up in court proceedings lasting many years. However, you want to build good relationships with your international partners. In this case, good mediation is all the more important.

Save yourself long and grueling court hearings. Opt for quick solutions, master language barriers easily and establish cordial terms with your international business partner. Write to us for a free consultation of your business mediation needs.


  • Find quick solutions without lengthy and unmanageable legal proceedings
  • Get suspension of the limitation periods during mediation
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Manage intercultural challenges
  • Get absolute confidentiality

Our mediators are equipped with the latest international and intercultural mediation skills. We enable better communication, understanding and collaboration between your multinational teams and between companies.


  • It is never too early to prepare your multinational company for unexpected events. With our groundbreaking EU project FOMENTO, we have examined cross-border inheritance regulations in detail.
  • Learn about the subject from our FOMENTO project report.
  • Let a mediator help you make the right inheritance and succession decisions.

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