Within the organization

In organizations

Resolve, Harmonize, Grow

Be it a government institution, a public institution, an educational organization or a company - a team is stronger together. Enable collaboration within and between your teams.

Whether it's an outsider to the organization or a new team, change can be intimidating. Train your team to avoid misalignments and conflicts.

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Mediation and moderation methods offer a win-win solution for organizational conflicts. Choose a peaceful coexistence for your managers, employees and teams.

We support you through -

  • Workshops
  • Mission Statement Alignment
  • Conflict Management
  • Team development processes
  • Feedback processes
  • Organizational and change processes (organizational development)


Let us help you! Contact us to find the best solution for your internal mediation needs.

Secure your company processes and reduce conflict-associated costs with our specialized advice on resolution and organizational development.

Benefit from these advisory services -

  • Individual coaching for managers
  • Organizational conflict analysis
  • Supervision
  • Advice for conflict prone behavior
  • Design and implementation of conflict management systems
  • General organizational advice and development
Plan for the future - enable your company's management, employees and teams to deal with potential conflicts. The right conflict management and mediation can compensate for friction losses and help your colleagues make the most of their time.

Would you like to have mediators trained as a group, permanently in-house or for special purposes?

We develop individual, tailor-made training concepts for companies of all sizes and industries.

Choose from-

  • Team development training
  • Conflict training
  • Communication training

Our mediators, moderators and trainers

They have trusted us with their conflict resolution needs.

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