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Allison Malkin

Allison Malkin is a mediator, trainer and leadership coach based in the UK who has lived and worked in numerous countries around the world. Her mediation practice focuses on cross-border family and workplace conflicts. She is an accredited mediator with IMI - International Mediation Institute and a serving mediator with the International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction (MiKK). She designs and delivers training in the area of conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication and mediation to a range of development organisations in Europe and Africa.

Luca Dal Pubel

Luca Dal Pubel is a scholar-practitioner in conflict resolution, mediation, and online dispute resolution. He teaches alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and negotiation courses for the International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR) program and Political Science department at San Diego State University. He cooperates with European and American Higher Education Institutions, NGOs, and Public Institutions in educational and research activities. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Online Dispute Resolution, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a member of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR).

Christian von Baumbach

Christian von Baumbach has graduated in Regional Science Japan, lived in Japan for over six years and worked there as a translator. He is a certified mediator (BM, BAFM, SIMI), cross-border family mediator (MiKK e.V.) and has a trainer qualification. Christian von Baumbach specialises in international and intercultural mediation. In addition to his work as a mediator, he is active as a lecturer and trainer for mediation and intercultural communication at universities in Germany and Japan (Euro-FH, HAW Hamburg, Osaka University, University of Heidelberg).

Thomas P. Valenti

Thomas P. Valenti is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator facilitator and trainer practicing in Chicago, US. He has more than 40 years’ experience in civil litigation with more than 20 years of experience focused on mediation. Thomas P. Valenti serves on a multitude of dispute resolution panels (American Arbitration Association, FINRA, USCIB, CPR, to name only a few). Thomas P. Valenti has an interest in understanding the issues raised with cross-cultural disputes. He organizes and facilitates dialogues on multicultural issues. He has travelled to the UK, Dubai, India, and Europe to train and teach courses in Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration. He is a Founder and Director of Association for International Dispute Resolution, and he is also an organizer of the Global Youth Development Initiative, a multicultural virtual mentoring program for international students living in conflict zones.

Dorothée Bernard

Lawyer by training, Dorothée graduated with a business law degree and a postgraduate qualification in Dispute Prevention and Resolution in London. She has been accredited as a mediator by several renowned mediation institutions. Experienced mediation practitioner for 15 years, Dorothée Bernard has been involved with several mediation organizations, both in France and in England, before she founded Bfor Mediation - providing training, consulting, and mediation services. Bfor Mediation has been FFCM Accredited Mediation Centre since 2015 and is on the mediators’ panel to provide court-based mediations for the French Court of Appel of Paris and Montpellier. Dorothée is also a trainer in negotiation, conflict management and mediation.

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